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Camping Airotel dans le Pays Basque
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Espelette, a village of the Basque country near the campsite.

A symbol of Basque culture and cuisine

Just 30 minutes from the campsite, discover the beautiful town of Espelette as you venture inland. This charming little district offers all the attractions of a traditional Basque town. Here, you’ll find a pelota wall, Labourdin style houses and a town centre very typical of this region. The town of Espelette is particularly well known for its famous peppers used by the great chefs to add a little extra flavour to their dishes. The town of Espelette looks forward to welcoming you in its typically sunny and friendly atmosphere. Take a stroll through the streets, enjoying the shops, restaurants and terraces where you can pick up local products or sample a few of them in delicious dishes cooked up by Espelette’s famous chefs. You'll also have plenty of opportunities to sample chocolates with Espelette pepper, one of the town's tasty specialities. As you'll see, the spicy flavour of the pepper combines marvellously with the mild taste of the chocolate.

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