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This Pack propose 2 inescapable major sites of Basque Country (the caves of Sare and the Biarritz sea museum) unless 15 km of the campsite(camping) and a Basque meal to the restaurant of our campsite Price: 37.90 € per adults, and 23.50€ per children. (4 to 12 years old).


The Caves of Sare

Les grottes de Sare Pays Basque

Third most visited site in the Basque Country, the Caves of Sare offer a one-hour guided tour with sound and light show. During the tour, along a fully equipped path to allow most people to visit it, three topics are addressed : the unusual geology of a rather dry cave, a prehistoric habitation, the origins and mythology of the Basque people according to anthropologist José-Miguel de Barandiaran.

Biarritz aquarium and sea museum

Le musée aquarium de la mer de Biarritz Pays Basque

In a splendid Art Deco monument, the visitor will discover a magnificent living spectacle spread across nearly fifty aquariums and thousands of species.

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