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Sare: a village of the Basque country

A traditional Basque village near the campsite

Sare (or Sara in Basque) is the perfect example of a traditional village having retained its traditions and heritage while at the same time welcoming visitors. Just half an hour from the campsite, this is a great tourism destination in the heart of the Pyrénées Atlantiques. This charming village is listed among "France's finest villages" and rightly so. These buildings and streets have a uniquely elegant atmosphere which is particularly exhilarating when you discover Sare for the first time. A traditional Basque village, here you’ll find the usual Basque pelota wall not far from the church and the town hall. There are many small tourist attractions to be seen during your visit. Today abandoned, Sare’s wash houses have been reclaimed by Mother Nature. Only the mediaeval bridges still straddle the waterways as they did several centuries ago. The Sare lintels, blocks featuring engravings directly carved on the building's façade, commemorate life in this town from many years ago.

"Sare, on a le temps" (Sare, we've got plenty of time), runs an old proverb often heard in this village which has seen so many famous faces pass through, including Napoleon III and Eugénie, Edward VII and Winston Churchill, Pierre Loti and Luis Mariano.

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